sabato 28 luglio 2012

Massimo Banzi: Physical Computing Guru

Massimo Banzi: Come Arduino rende open-source l'immaginazione - TEDGlobal 2012

Massimo Banzi ha contribuito ad inventare Arduino, un microcontrollore open-source facile da utilizzare che ha ispirato migliaia di persone in tutto il mondo a fare le cose più fantastiche che si possano immaginare  dai giocattoli alle attrezzature satellitari. Perché, come dice lui: "Non ci vuole il permesso di nessuno per rendere le cose eccezionali." 

"Computer-based interactivity used to be beyond the reach of most artists, designers, and other electronics amateurs who wanted to make their work respond to light, sound and other stimulus by moving, beeping, tweeting. Then, in 2005, Italian engineer Massimo Banzi and his team created the Arduino microcontroller, a small, cheap programmable computer, bringing interactive technology to the masses. With a variety of sensors, the Arduino is versatile and easy to use. Since its inception, the device has popped up in projects as varied as an exhibit on brains at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, to a DIY kit that sends a Tweet when your houseplant needs water. "Most open-source projects start from a frustration. Arduino was born when Banzi's design students complained about not being able to find a microcontroller for their robotic projects." WIREDItalia

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